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Horror Fans Reveal The Movies They Hate That Everyone Else Loves

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The horror genre is obviously no stranger to negative criticism, but the harshest reviews do tend to come from outside its community of dedicated fans. What's really rare and interesting is when those who watch scary movies on the daily admit they don't like the typical genre darlings. 

Sometimes it's because the movie is overhyped and expectations are set too high, sometimes there's one annoying element that distracts from everything else that's good, and sometimes it's just not their cup of tea. But all of these fans have something interesting to say about why they actually hated these "universally loved" horror films.

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  • The Cabin in the Woods
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    Posted by u/grandmoffcory:

    Cabin in the Woods.

    I think it's a sci-fi comedy with a lot of horror movie references, and an okay one at that. It's never scary and the plot revolves around the company running operations and the kids trying to survive. It plays out more like sci-fi action, the horror tropes are just an aside.

    Also maybe this is just my not liking it messing with how I remember it, but I felt like the whole movie oozed this sarcastic hip vibe that I just wasn't into.

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  • Posted by u/MysteriousAlchemist:

    I don't understand why Texas Chainsaw Massacre is so good. I don't know, maybe I had my expectations too high for it, but I just finished watching the original '70s Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the first time after hearing loads of praise of it from not just horror fans, but everyone for years. And I didn't really like it at all.

    It felt like it was 50 minutes of nothing and then 30 minutes of just nonsense, made very bizarrely.

    In the end I just felt extremely confused as to what even happened in that movie.

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    • Posted by u/FoxclawGames:

      I just watched it for the first time last night. I am no stranger to '80s horror movies, the Alien franchise being some of my favorite horror movies of all time. But after watching this I was a little disappointed.

      Shelly Duvall's acting is so over the top it's embarrassing. Danny Lloyd, who is praised for his amazing performance in this movie, mainly just stares at things. Sure, in the moments where tensions are high, his performance is realistic, but to me it's nothing really noteworthy. Jack Nicholson was pretty great. He was the funniest part of the movie.

      However many problems I have with it though, the movie is shot excellently. The long continuous shots through the hotel are amazing, and the way they are framed are just perfect. It's just the acting that is so strange that it kept me from truly enjoying the movie.

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    • Posted by u/xmeme59:

      I watched it for the first time the other day and I truly think it might be the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life, in every respect of a film.

      For starters, there is no background with substance given to any of the characters whatsoever. The shooting of the movie is just bad, the angles aren't good and so many scenes are pointless... Next, the practical effects were s***, even for the time period... On to the point of pointless characters, there's really only one that sticks out to me, and it's Kirsty's boyfriend. Why even have him in the film? He has about 6 minutes of total screen time and adds nothing to any of the scenes he's in. I don't even remember his friggin name.

      The Cenobites have also go to be the most disappointing creatures/monsters/demons I've ever seen in a horror movie. Albeit they're creepy and twisted and unnerving, they don't DO anything the whole movie except say stupidly cryptic things that aren't explained later and just die.

      Also, what the f*** is going on with that bum who ate crickets? 

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