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Horror Fans Reveal The Movies They Hate That Everyone Else Loves

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The horror genre is obviously no stranger to negative criticism, but the harshest reviews do tend to come from outside its community of dedicated fans. What's really rare and interesting is when those who watch scary movies on the daily admit they don't like the typical genre darlings. 

Sometimes it's because the movie is overhyped and expectations are set too high, sometimes there's one annoying element that distracts from everything else that's good, and sometimes it's just not their cup of tea. But all of these fans have something interesting to say about why they actually hated these "universally loved" horror films.

Do you agree with their arguments? Vote up the movies you think aren't nearly as good as everyone makes them out to be, and vote down if you think the criticism is crazy!

  • Posted by u/vampire-182:

    The Blair Witch Project.

    I love the marketing behind it, and the production process for it. However, the actual film is AWFUL. The characters are stupid and annoying, and they make such stupid decisions. And it's not scary for the most part; it's creepy once the last character gets to the house, but you have to get through the rest of the boring s*** to get to the last scene.

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  • Posted by u/Majestic_Beard:

    I couldn't get into The Babadook. People I work with raved about it, so I watched it one day. I just thought it was boring as hell. I didn't think it was the least bit interesting or creepy, plus I couldn't stand the kid in the movie and was waiting for him to die the entire time.

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  • Photo: RADiUS-TWC

    Posted by u/grandmoffcory:

    It felt very shallow. It suggested scary things, it oozed atmosphere, and it had a great soundtrack, but the story never really got deeper than basically just an STD metaphor, and I felt the creature never acted in a rational way It seemed to operate based on what would look spooky on screen.

    I know that's a weird complaint, but it just felt like they were never actually being pursued by anything, like it wasn't established in a way that made me feel "It" had motivations it was carrying out. When I watch Friday the 13th, I know Jason is out there and the first chance he gets, he will barrel in and [off] someone, but in It Follows, 'It' mostly just gets close to people to spook them then goes away.

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    • Photo: A24

      Posted by u/I_am_not_a_horse:

      My honest opinion right after it ended was that it is up there as one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever watched. The first hour and a half was okay - great acting, a curveball in the daughter dying, dropping some hints about the cult aspect and the mystery surrounding the grandmother. But once Peter comes home from banging his head on the desk, it just degenerates to absolute absurdity.

      The naked people just standing there around the house, the mother floating around, and don’t even get me started on the entire scene in the treehouse.

      On top of the plain absurdity, I felt like the plot was not well-explained at all, or maybe it just went completely over my head... I felt that the whole cult thing was just not well-threaded throughout the movie, and then it goes from 0-100 at the end. .

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