The Easiest Horror Monsters To Outrun

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Vote up the horror-movie monsters who are too slow to chase you down on foot.

Horror movies are designed to terrify, but not all movie monsters and villains are as dangerous as they seem. Sure, they might end up slaughtering a group of air-headed teenagers, but that's because the film's writer wanted them to kick the bucket. If you were to transport them to the real world, they'd be no more dangerous than an oncoming steamroller; they can take your life, but they'll have to catch you first.

This is the reality for a lot of horror movie chase scenes, since characters seem to always make one dumb decision that gets them wiped out by something they could have easily avoided. As it turns out, lots of movie monsters are actually pretty terrible at their jobs. These are the monsters you could probably outrun without breaking a sweat, ranked by how easy they would be to escape from.


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    Photo: Child's Play / MGM

    Hunting Style: Chucky is a doll that has been possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, and therefore takes sadistic pleasure in his brutal livelihood. His primary tool is a knife, but he's known to get the job done in various creative ways.

    How To Avoid Them: Chucky can be relentless, but he's also fairly vulnerable. He's not much bigger than a toddler, and runs about as fast as one. He's also not immortal in his doll form and can be offed through conventional means like bullets and fire.

    Biggest Blunder: Assuming he is immortal as a doll and putting himself in situations with no regard for his own safety.

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    The Grandparents ('The Visit')

    Hunting Style: The "Grandparents" (Nana and Pop Pop), are actually mental patients who have assumed the identities of the kids' actual grandparents. Having never met them before, the children willingly come to their house when invited. 

    How To Avoid Them: While they may be psychotic villains, they are still geriatrics. An average adult should be able to overpower either of them easily, and they're not in any shape to go chasing after anyone who attempts to flee.

    Biggest Blunder: They underestimated the children, who were able to overpower them.

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    The Puppet Master's Puppets

    The Puppet Master's Puppets
    Photo: Puppet Master / Paramount Pictures

    Hunting Style: Each one of the Puppet Master's puppets has its own slaying style, but they tend to all work together to subdue their marks.

    How To Avoid Them: While many of the puppets are equipped with weapons, they're still just puppets. A fully capable human should be able to outrun the puppets without much effort.

    Biggest Blunder: Often times the puppets tend to work on their own, which makes them a lot less threatening than when they work together as a pack.

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    The Blob
    Photo: The Blob / TriStar Pictures

    Hunting Style: The Blob is an amoeboidal alien that absorbs and dissolves its targets, growing larger with each conquest.

    How To Avoid Them: The Blob is incredibly slow, relying on its own exponential growth to better capture its prey. You can easily outrun it in its early stages, or even capture it in a glass jar. It's also extremely sensitive to cold temperatures and can be frozen solid. 

    Biggest Blunder: Landing on a planet that can get pretty cold.

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    Romero Zombies
    Photo: Dawn of the Dead / United Film Distribution Company

    Hunting Style: Almost all "slow" zombies depicted in movies are based on George Romero's zombies from Night of the Living Dead. They mindlessly wander until they find a fresh human, at which point they try to chow down. 

    How To Avoid Them: Romero zombies are incredibly slow and stupid. Most can be avoided by power-walking away from them, and a good blow to the head will take them out permanently. 

    Biggest Blunder: Romero zombies will follow their targets at all costs, even if they walk directly into a trap. 

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    The Entity ('It Follows')

    The Entity ('It Follows')
    Photo: RADiUS-TWC

    Hunting Style: The Entity follows its marks wherever they go, walking in a straight line until it catches up to them.

    How To Avoid Them: The Entity passes from target to target like a hot-potato STD; sleeping with someone means it will stop following you and start following them. It also walks at a consistently slow speed. If you really want to avoid the Entity, all you have to do is book a flight to the other side of the world and hook up with a random person. It will take an incredibly long time for the creature to catch up to them and then make its way all the way back to you.

    Biggest Blunder: Walking in a straight line directly toward its target. This makes it incredibly easy to pick the Entity out in a crowd.