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The Best Horse Jokes

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Like hay, jokes are for horses. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch to get you to read this list of the funniest jokes about the world's favorite four legged racing animals (sorry, ferrets). Every young girl dreams of owning a horse, and every young boy dreams of riding into the sunset on his trusty steed with a six shooter by his side. Blanket statement. Whatever, these are the funniest horse jokes.

Whether you prefer ponies, donkeys, or full blown race horses, there’s a joke on this list of horse humor for you. And if you’re not a horse person – then what are you doing reading this? If you’re really dedicated to your horse hate why not work on an alternate list of mean horse jokes and send it to somebody via Pony Express? For everyone else, this list of funny horse jokes is a great way to start your ride through the prairie, or to settle down after a long day of ropin’ dogies and geddyin’ up. Pull up a bale of hay, and maybe even some oats dig in to this list of the 25 funniest horse jokes.

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