Weird Nature This Horse Playing With A Toy Duck Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts  

Rebecca High

Cold weather's bound to make anyone a little bit frisky, and this horse is no exception. An adorable moment of the horse frolicking in the snow was caught on camera, and the resulting video will warm your heart despite the frosty winter vibes.

Snipes is a young paint horse who has always been super playful with ropes and other stable accoutrement. His owner thought Snipes might want to put his energy toward a more novel use, and gave the horse a stuffed duck with which to play.

The horse and his duck have become inseparable, with Snipes reportedly even bringing the stuffed animal into his stall every night to sleep.

In this video, they frolic through the snow together as Snipes whips his stuffed body around then picks him up again. Let's just hope the stuffed duck is durable enough to endure all this horsing around!