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Chilling Photos Of Ghosts That Appeared Inside Insane Asylums And Haunted Hospitals

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Some of the creepiest places in the world are ones that were originally meant to help people; hospitals and asylums are magnets for paranormal activity, possibly because of the trauma and suffering that have occurred within their walls. So many instances of supernatural phenomena have taken place at these locations that ghosts caught on camera are a fairly regular occurrence. Many people online purport to have captured real pictures of ghosts in abandoned hospitals and asylums, and some even claim that modern hospitals could be home to sneaky spirits.

Ghost and demon sightings are not as rare as you'd think, and with the rise of smartphones, more pictures and videos of these beings are finding their way online. Whether they're discovered by daring ghost hunters or the average person with a camera, these paranormal encounters will chill you to the bone.

  • An Underground Nazi Hospital In Guernsey May Be Home To A Ghostly Apparition

    Photo: flickr / CC0
  • A Face In The Window At An Abandoned Hospital In Maysville, Kentucky

    Photo: 23rdSAS / YouTube
  • Something Is Watching Over This Baby

    Photo: Imgur
  • There's A Face In The Doorway Of This Unknown Hospital

    Photo: THEPLANETEARTH / YouTube