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Here's What Hospital Food Looks Like Around the World

As anyone who has ever endured a stay in the surgery ward knows, there are plenty of reasons that hospital visits don't exactly qualify as destination vacations. Of course, there are always the upsides - like the big window you can peek through to see newborn babies, or the time off from work, or, you know, the pain-relieving pump. But what about the food? As you'll see in these photos of hospital food around the world, whether or not you get edible meals largely depends on where you stay.

Below you’ll get a glimpse into the many different incarnations of hospital food in different countries, ranging from the good to the just plain wrong. Believe it or not, some of the food in hospitals in countries like Japan and Estonia actually looks pretty delicious. Getting your appendix removed might be your ticket to the best meal you’ll eat all year.

...Unless you're in Penarth, UK. Or Poland. Or Hungary. At these unfortunate hospitals, you could be subjected to "appetizing entrees" like minced bologna or mystery meat that looks alarmingly like skinned rodent. So if you’re curious to see which countries treat patients with culinary care, and which ones you really want to avoid, these hospital food pictures are for you.