15 Travelers Share Their Worst Hostel Experiences So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Travelers: vote up the worst hostel experiences that would have you leaving immediately.

Planning to travel around the globe and stay in hostels? These hostel horror stories might make you think twice about booking your stay, but if you try to avoid these traveler's mistakes, you should be fine. After all, there are plenty of hotel and bed and breakfast horror stories out there as well.

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    Hostel Owner Came In At Midnight And Asked To Share Their Bed

    From Redditor u/emnems:

    I stayed in kind of a sketchy hostel in an attempt to save money while in Tokyo. I was on the fence about the place. The owner of the hostel came in at midnight to do some cleaning (which it deeeeesperately needed). He introduced himself and then asked if he could sleep in bed with me tonight. Suffice to say, I changed to another place in the morning.

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    Woke Up At 6am To A Flood

    From Redditor u/Dakozi:

    Staying in a hostel in Amsterdam and had the drains clog up late at night so the shower, toilet and sink were slowly filling and unable to drain out.

    Woke up at 6 AM with the entire floor covered in water and my roommate getting extremely mad and cursing the hostel in both English and Portuguese.

    The funny part was the hostel was extremely nice and well kept, just bad luck that the room I got had plumbing issues overnight.

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    Woke Up To Someone Touching Their Feet

    From Redditor u/ingachan:

    I once woke up to some guy touching my feet. When I woke up he asked if I was using the blanket. Yes. Obviously I’m using the f*cking blanket, what does it look like?

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    A Gigantic Cockroach Crawled Out Of The Pillow

    From Redditor u/marysito:

    Stayed at a cheap hostel in Osaka. Just two minutes away from the location, a drunk old man began hitting on us and followed us to our hostel. Then, when we were escorted to our puny room, a gigantic cockroach crawled out of the pillow that I was supposed to be sleeping on. I had to ask the “owners” (barely 20 year old staff) to switch rooms. They didn’t seem surprised that a cockroach was on the beds, nor were they apologetic. One of the hardest sleeps of my life.

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    Had To Endure A Terrifying Sleepwalker

    From Redditor u/exploreasia:

    I was in this super nice hostel in Salzburg and this guy kept getting up and randomly screaming for someone to stop doing something. I thought at first he was sleepwalking but once he even came over to my top bunk and randomly yelled something at me. I don’t know if it was directed at me, but I doubt it since I was just laying in bed terrified lol. I went downstairs and asked for a new room but they didn’t have one. I had to endure the whole night hoping this guy was just sleepwalking and not disturbed.

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    Ended Up In The Middle Of A Brawl

    From Redditor u/lynnyfer:

    Stayed four nights in a hostel in Paris. First, three nights were GREAT, because my friends and I managed to snag a private room that was just us. The last night, they'd accidentally double-booked and the second party had paid more, so they spread us out over several rooms. I ended up in a 12-person room with a bunch of Australians, and apparently, one of the girls had slept with the other girl's boyfriend and everyone started to take sides. I was in bed with the curtains drawn by the time the tussle started and huddled in a corner in terror while ten drunk Australian girls had at each other. They were all friends again by morning.