Horrifying Crimes And Events From Hostels Around The World

Anyone who has backpacked across a country has stayed in at least one hostel and has probably heard hundreds of hostel horror stories. But you'd never think that something truly awful is going to happen to you. The travelers who experienced the scary hostel stories that are collected here (mostly) lived through some of the most frightening situations that anyone will ever face – from women being dragged out of their hostels and gang raped to cannibal roommates eating a victim after a night spent clubbing. These true stories about hostels might keep you at home for the rest of your life.

There’s a certain freedom that comes with living out of your backpack. You don’t have to be anywhere, and you can experience the world however you want. But if you’re trying to save money while being a backpacker, you do have to stay in a hostel – those inexpensive shared room motels that we’ve all been warned against. Scary things that happened in hostels aren’t like what happens in the best Eli Roth-produced horror movies. There are no evil businessmen twirling their mustaches, but there are a regular amount of suicides and so many alleged rapes that you’ll want to start staying at the Marriott when you travel.