Hot Actresses Who Went "Ugly" for Movie Roles

The classic geek to chic storyline is a romantic comedy cliché that never seems to go out of style for Hollywood. Costume designers and makeup artists jump at the chance to turn some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood into drastically different versions of themselves. More popularly put, these are instances in which hot actresses "go ugly" for a role. While some of the roles are transparent, with actresses portraying dorky versions of themselves, some roles are more dramatic. Some of Hollywood's hottest women have managed to alter their entire look to fully immerse themselves in Oscar-worthy performances. When celebrity women play "ugly" characters it can mean anything from fake braces to intricate scars all over their body. 

Many of these hot actresses who played ugly roles have stuck out as noteworthy or break out performances from some of the most attractive actresses on the red carpet. Seeing these talented women on screen as alternate versions of their Hollywood personas often shocks audiences, drawing them closer to the screen to make sure they're looking at the same person. Whether they're hot or not, these actresses have some major chops, making audiences believe they could ever look this bad. Here are some of the most memorable roles in which hot actresses went ugly for a movie.
Photo: Cinelou Releasing