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Hot Amish Dudes You’d Like to Take Behind the Barn

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Though pictures of hot Amish guys may not have prime real estate on your dream board, maybe it's time to make some space. Isolated as the Amish seem, that only adds to the mystery that surrounds the occasional guy you see piloting his fly-ass buggy down the road on the way to the local farmer's market.

Shy as they may seem, here you'll find photos of hot Amish guys doing the things Amish guys do best. Whether they're plowing "fields" or erecting a little timber, you might be surprised at how well some of that hard labor has paid off for these mysterious men.

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    Hey, Girl. Want Us to Pound You Next?

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    This Gentleman Wonders If You'd Like Him to Tie Your Bonnet

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    Wanna Rum My Springa?

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    Hey, Babe. Wanna Ride My Pony?

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