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What Famously 'Hot' Celebrities Looked Like Before They Got Their Hollywood Makeovers

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Celebrities are idolized not just for their talents and fame, but often for their physical appearance. How is it possible for mere humans to be so good looking? It's not all due to genes and access to top-notch dermatologists. Plenty of famously attractive celebrities were once pretty average looking - that is, before the Hollywood star-making machine went into overdrive.

Some of these hot celebrities before makeovers may surprise you. Their extreme transformations took them from gawky nerds to dreamboats (looking at you, Calvin Harris), and from sweet goofballs to chiseled superheroes (hi, Chris Pratt!). Celebrity makeovers can be as simple as a new gym routine and a fresh haircut, or they can venture into the land of nose jobs and extensive dental work. These celebrities before and after their big breaks might look like entirely different people.

When you have all the money one could need, a team at your back, and the benefit of great lighting, just about anybody can look like a star. So take this as a confidence booster: there are plenty of famous hot celebrities who were once less than perfect.