The Very Best of Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram  

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Brains, brawn, and beauty: the thee B's of the perfect beau. But these days, it can be tough to find a guy who's both ruggedly handsome and a devoted bookworm. That is, until your new favorite Instagram account came around.

Earlier this year, a light appeared in the world of social media and began to shine its rays through the darkness of our dumbed-down culture. That light is hotdudesreading- an Insta account dedicated to photos of breathtakingly beautiful men reading actual books. (For those of you unfortunate enough to have been born during the Kindle era, a “book” is sort of like a printed Twitter post that just keeps on going.)

Here you’ll behold a collection of some of the very best posts from Instagram's hotdudesreading in all their glory. Ladies, feast your eyes on a group of gorgeous men who not only appreciate curling up with a good book, but who could probably rival you in a lively game of Scrabble. Men, get ready to take some tips on how to become the most eligible bachelor in Manhattan by leaving that e-reader at home and busting out some old school, page-printed Hemingway.

So who are the brilliant minds behind the epic account and the hysterical commentary you’ll find beneath each hot dude? All that’s currently known of these anonymous literary crusaders is that they are a group of 20-30 something male and female New Yorkers. They recently revealed to the Huffington Post that they first began sending the photos to each other just for fun. It wasn’t long however, before they realized that the concept was far too great not to share with the world, and you'll be oh so glad they did.

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This Manly Med Student's Anatomy Is Looking Just Fine
This Manly Med Student's A... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Very Best of Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram
Photo: via Reddit
HotDudesReading Verdict: "Fingers crossed this textbook touting treasure is a med student, because I'm feeling feverish imagining how good he'd look in a pair of scrubs." 
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This Poetry-Reading Soul Is All About Romance (Probably)
This Poetry-Reading Soul Is Al... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Very Best of Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram
Photo: via Reddit
HotDudesReading Verdict: "If only he'd look up from those pages. I want that beanie on my bedroom floor." 
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There's No Debate Over This Politics Lover's Prowess
There's No Debate Over Thi... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Very Best of Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram
Photo: via Twitter
HotDudesReading Verdict: "I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this Game Changer waiting for the F train this morning. That book may be all about political games, but I can think of a few more interesting ones I'd like to play. #SimonSaysMakeAMove"
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We'll Trade Tips with This Paper-Toting Cutie Any Time
We'll Trade Tips with This... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Very Best of Hot Dudes Reading on Instagram
Photo: via Imgur
HotDudesReading Verdict: "Good morning, single bachelor. Nothing gives me more hope than a banker without a band." 
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