Law Enforcement The Most Stunning Girl Cops from All Over the World  

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It's never a good feeling when you get pulled over for speeding (or something worse) by a police officer. But one thin that can make the whole experience a little bit more enjoyable is if the police officer pulling you over and giving you a ticket is one of the world's many hot female cops. If you've never had to deal with a hot policewoman in real life, you are truly missing out. You should take some more chances in life that blur the line of legality just to possibly interact with one of the sexy female cops on this list. It should seem obvious that these women exits. After all, that sexy cop Halloween costume had to come from somewhere, right? You can't just make that up. No, that costume is based on reality and these ladies are the reality. These are the hottest female police officers from all over the world! Be sure to vote up who you think is the sexiest.