Villains People Find Weirdly Attractive (Even Though They Know It's Wrong)

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People love to live dangerously, which probably leads many of you out there to lust after fictional villains from pop culture. For one reason or another, people crush on villains, often attracted to their powers, their nefarious agendas, or their aptitude for emotional manipulation. *Swoons. That being said, usually people know their crushes on villainous fictional characters get into some awkward territory, especially if you're crushing on some sexy monsters. But in the same way some people can't help but be bad, other people can't help but be compelled by the bad boys and girls out there. Ranker reached out to you, the people reading the articles, to ask ""which villain are you weirdly attracted to, even though you know it's wrong?" Included below are the crushes you told us about on our Facebook page, and why you find their bad sides just so good.

A number of villainous women on this list make sense, as they will sometimes use their charms to get what they want. But villainous males are just as capable of detonating charm bombs, and in some ways much more insidiously. All of them somehow made their way into your affections, an implication that you may not be as good a person as you previously thought. Well, at least you have company!

Most divisive: Jareth
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