Funny 41 Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces  

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A list of hot girls with ugly faces. This comes from the sub-Reddit: PrettyGirlsUglyFaces. Looking good isn't easy, especially on a daily basis. But sometimes, well, it's just not meant to be and we get exposed for looking like our normal frumpy selves. It happens to the best of us, even hot girls. However, sometimes these attractive ladies buck the trend and purposely take pictures of themselves looking not at their best, even making ugly faces! Why would a hot chick make an ugly face and brag about it? Beats me. But I'm here to make sense of the insanity by compiling this list of the hottest girls who have made pretty awful faces. I'm not trying to judge someone one way or another, but hey, someone needs to be at the top of this list. That's where you come into play. I need your help picking out which of these gals should be at the list. Hot girls making funny or ugly faces apparently happens all the time and there are a lot of great options to choose from here. Trust me, I've compiled them all and browsed many hot chicks to accurately assess who does and doesn't make the cut.

There are plenty of girls represented here, from toddlers to teens to tweens to babes. You'll be amused and hopefully not too horrified by some of these hot faces. This is meant to make you laugh, smile and cringe at the same time. So if it doesn't do any of those things, I haven't done my job here. But this list of hot girls making ugly faces should be hilarious. Celebrities aren't immune either, with Beyonce and Sofia Vergara making appearances on here.

Take a look at this list of hot girl with ugly faces and you be the judge! Upvote or downvote whoever you think should be at the top of the heap because she's hot, not because she's not. Also check out our listof the hottest Chloe Dykstra photos