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The Hottest Male World Leaders

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Do you ever find yourself getting all hot and bothered while watching heated UN debates? Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about running away to an exotic country with a powerful man of politics? Does it pain you that you can't pronounce the name of the President of Slovenia when you're gazing into his sweet, sweet baby blues? Even though all of the people talking about politics on your Facebook newsfeed is probably hella annoying, these sexy male world leaders make listening to that girl from your high school who won't shut up about how much she hates Obama kind of worth it. We've put together a list of the hottest male world leaders from all across the globe. 

These hot male politicians are guaranteed to make you swoon without bringing up a single political view point! Even though you might not agree with Vladimir Putin's take on foreign policy, or Joseph Kabila's trade embargo, you'll definitely think they're smokin' with their shirts off. Take a moment to appreciate these powerful world leaders for their sculpted abs and chiseled jawlines instead of their proposed constitutional amendments. 

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  • What are biceps like THAT doing on Capitol Hill? We suggest inviting Aaron Schock over to open a tightly-sealed jam jar, and then asking him to stay for a drink, and then asking him to stay forever. 
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  • Photo: flickr / CC0
    Grab your handheld paper fans and get ready to swoon.Justin Trudeau is the hottest Prime Minister Canada has ever seen. Before this gorgeous heartthrob was elected to office, he was a bungee jumping coach and an avid boxer. Yowza! He also did a public strip tease at a charity even back in 2011 in order to raise money for the Canadian Liver Foundation. The aptly chosen song he danced to was "What a Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera. 
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  • This classically tall, dark, and handsome President's looks are enough to make any man or woman run for the border. We'd love to spend a night drinking margaritas in the arms of Enrique Peña Nieto - if we can find our passports fast enough! 
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  • Photo: Mark Renders / Getty Images
    If this gentleman's not enough to make you love a man in uniform, we don't know who is. 
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