The Most Stunning News Anchors Ever

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The news is depressing most of the time. There are a lot of bad things going on in the world, but one thing that can make the news at least a bit more uplifting is having it read by beautiful news anchors. Below you'll see some local news anchors, as well as TV hosts that have become household names. 

Attractive news anchors tend to distract you just a bit from even the most crippling, awful news. It's a fact of ratings that men watching the news prefer to look at gorgeous female newswomen; hence these lovely ladies in our homes every evening. 

Some hot news reporters on this list are Sandra Smith, Jenna Lee, and Susan Li. Erin Burnett is another pretty news lady. Who do you think are the hottest news anchors to ever grace the airwaves?

Sure, these are sexy news women, but they are not just hot. All the female news anchors on this list are well-spoken and knowledgeable journalists. Now be sure to vote up your favorites!