Weird History Famous People from History You Had No Idea Were Hot  

Mike Rothschild
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Who knew there were so many hot historical figures from the last few hundred years? Attractive historical figures can be found in every profession and every culture. But with the advent of photography, people got to see just how sexy a brooding novelist or scientist or inventor could be. Many of the men and women who are best remembered as old actually used to be incredibly hot - and we have photographic proof.

Everyone knows Joseph Stalin as the mustachoied dictator with a pock-marked face and yellow teeth. But in his younger days, bank robbing revolutionary Stalin cut a handsome figure. Inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were dashing young men before they fought the War of the Currents against each other. Jane Eyre author Charlotte Bronte probably could have made a few "hottest women in history" lists. And Lewis Powell, a young man who happened to be a member of the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, might have been the most handsome man of the 19th Century.

Here are 20 famous people throughout history that you probably had no idea were also gorgeous.

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