Famous People From History You Had No Idea Were Foxy

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Who knew there were so many hot historical figures from the last few hundred years? Attractive historical figures can be found in every profession and every culture. With the advent of photography, people got to see just how fetching a brooding novelist or scientist or inventor could be. Many of the men and women who are best remembered as old actually used to be incredibly attractive - and we have photographic proof.

In his younger days, bank-robbing revolutionary Joseph Stalin cut a handsome figure. Hermann Rorschach, inventor of the Inkblot Test, is one of the best looking men from the 1800s. There are plenty of other hot dead guys, though. These historical hotties come from all over, whether it be an American historical figure, or a great mind from Europe. The question is, who is the hottest?

This list isn't men-only, either. Some of the historical cutest people in the world include Jane Eyre author Charlotte Bronte, and Margaret E. Knight, inventor of the paper bag. First Lady Barbara Bush is another historical beauty. Among these male and female historical hotties, there are sexy scientists, bank robbers, and poets.

Here are 25 famous people throughout history that you probably would swipe right on. Who do you think is the finest person from the 1800s?


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    Joseph Stalin
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    Lewis Powell
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    • Age: Dec. at 21 (1844-1865)
    • Birthplace: Alabama