24 Hot Takes About Modern-Day Horror Movies That Make A Darn Good (And Sometimes Funny) Point

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As a new age of horror takes hold of modern movie audiences, social media is feeling its impact. Fans (and critics) of the genre have taken to their socials to share their opinions, offer their criticisms, and often give a very scorching, yet pretty funny hot take on the cinematic experience.

Here are a few unorthodox opinions regarding modern horror movies. Vote up the hot takes that offer the most interesting (and sometimes funny) opinions.


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    Different Yet Similar

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    Broke, Woke, Bespoke

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    Strong Resemblance


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    'So Convoluted'


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    The Next Phase Of Horror


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    Please Don't Remake 'Train To Busan'

    Please Don't Remake 'Train To Busan'
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