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Hot TJ Thyne Photos

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The best TJ Thyne pictures from around the Internet including the hottest shots of the sexy actor best known for his part on TV series Bones (one of the best TV shows of recent memory). The sexy actor has guest starred on an impressive roster of television shows including 24, Friends, CSI: NY, Angel, and NCIS (to name a few). The sexy nerd takes geek chic to a new level as a brainy and hot scientist on Bones. 

This list of TJ Thyne pics includes shots of TJ Thyne shirtless, as well as TJ Thyne muscle photos, and images of TJ Thyne's great abs. The attempt is to make a rankable list of all of TJ Thyne's most sexy moments, images and looks, whether they feature TJ Thyne in just jeans and a T-shirt, or TJ Thyne in a suit, or even TJ Thyne near-nude! Enjoy this compilation of TJ Thyne's sexiest photos.
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    TJ Thyne in Jeans Denim Jacket

    TJ Thyne in Jeans Denim Jacket
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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    TJ Thyne in Sun Retro Bodywarmer Vest

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    TJ Thyne in V-Neck T-Shirt with Polka Dot Pocket

    TJ Thyne in V-Neck T-Shirt with Polka Dot Pocket
    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    TJ Thyne in Small Collar Long Sleeve Shirt with Slacks

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