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Hot Tub Time Machine 2 movie quotes bring the time-bending laughs back for a second edition. The sequel of the 2010 comedy film was directed by Steve Pink using a screenplay by Josh Heald. Featuring many of the original cast members plus some new ones, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 opened in theaters in the United States on February 20, 2015. 

In Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Lou (Rob Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) are all living the high life as a result of knowing the future. Lou invented the Internet while Nick, with knowledge of which pop music songs would be hits, created those songs years ahead of the original artists. Both immensely profited and became famous. But when Lou is shot, the guys reunite to revisit their hot tub time machine to go back in time to prevent the shooting.

But instead of going back in time, they guys are sent to 2025 where they have visibly aged and fell out of fame and fortune. This isn't entirely bad, as they soon learn that the shooter came from the future, plus they meet a number of old friends, like Lou's love Kelly (Collette Wolfe) and the hot tub repairman (Chevy Chase), plus some new ones, like Adam (Adam Scott).

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 joins the February 2015 movie release calendar alongside other films such as Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Fifty Shades of Grey and Jupiter Ascending.
Ready for Another Dip?
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Jacob: "We need to find the point in time that things went wrong and fix it."
Nick: "Ready for another dip?"
Lou: "I think this time maybe I'll invent yoga pants."
Nick: "How far back did we go? 2025!"

To sum up the plot of the sequel, Jacob announces that to prevent Lou's shooting they need to revisit the hot tub time machine and go back in time to stop the event from taking place. Unfortunately, they don't land in the past, but actually the future.
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Was It Morally Wrong?
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Lou: "Was it morally wrong to exploit our knowledge of the future for personal financial gain? That hot tub time machine turned us into kings!"

Lou reflects on what he and the others were able to gain as a result of their hot tub time machine, including the moral aspect of their choices. In the end, he's quite happy with being a king as a result, well, until someone decides to shoot him.
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We're 10 Years Into the Future
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Jacob: "We went 10 years into the future."
Nick: "Whoa, I'm distinguished."
Lou: "I should shave this, right?"
Jacob: "F*** you for making me bald!"
Nick: "You look like a turtle crawled out of his shell."
Lou: "You look like an egg gave birth to another egg."
Nick: "You look like Gandolf the poor."
Lou: "You look like the least-popular kid in the cancer ward."
Nick: "You look like you've never made a correct decision."
Jacob: "Ever"
Lou: "I have definitely given a back alley b***job."
Jacob: "I gotta admit. I kind of like this."
Nick: "You look like Billy Zane's d***."
Lou: "Except not as pretty"
Jacob: "That's fair."

The guys poke fun at one another when they see themselves in the mirror in 2025. While Nick looks like an old from the Cosby Show, Lou has some intense facial hair and Jacob's bald head looks like, well, something else entirely.
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Rip Off Any Pop Stars Lately?
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Nick: "Ever since I wrote "Call Me Maybe," back in 92, I've been on a roll."
Jacob: "Hey Nick, rip off any pop stars lately?"
Nick: "Today I recorded an original piece... Okay, it was that Lisa Loeb song."

Using his knowledge of which pop songs would be hits, Nick gained a ton of fame and fortune by recording those same songs years before they were created by the original authors.
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