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Every year, Hot Wheels comes out with a whole new crop of insane little dream machines, movie homages, and 1/64th scale monsters to fuel the fantasies of kids and car lovers of all ages. You can find most of them on the company's regular website, but the Hot Wheels Instagram is reserved for some of the coolest cars and Hot Wheels pictures for fans to drool over.

Did you play with Hot Wheels as a kid? Of course you did! Beloved by children of all ages and genders, the tiny cars were fun to collect, drive around on car map rugs, and leave all over the house for your parents to step on. The Hot Wheels Instagram features many of the classic Hot Wheels models you remember from back in the day - as well as the latest models from the toy company.

Plus, some of the coolest on Instagram weren't ever made by Hot Wheels! Apparently, there's a pretty strong custom community in the tiny scale world, and the Hot Wheels Instagram account features some of the coolest toy cars on social media. Some of them are so good, Hot Wheels ends up adopting them for its own line.

See if you can tell the custom Hot Wheels from the factory cars, and vote up the coolest, sickest, most awesome wheels ever seen in Hot Wheels Instagram photos.
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There are no strings on me. The Age of Ultron is nearly upon us! #OneDay #Avengers #AgeOfUltron #Ultron @Marvel

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