The Hottest Wrestlers of All Time

The WWE Divas get a lot of attention for being sexy, but I think it's time to give the men a shoutout. Here's a list of the hottest wrestlers of all time. No matter what you're "in" to, wrestling has always provided wonderful variety of hot dudes. It's a cornucopia of hotness. Unless you're not into athletic, bad boy, risk taker, mysterious, confident, shy, brash, types. Wrestling has had all of those! And more!

Gorgeous, sweaty guys with the hottest bodies on the planet parading around in little more than a Speedo? God bless professional wrestling. This list ranks hot male wrestlers from all iterations of every league in history. From mountains of man like The Rock, to the boyish charm of Edge, to the bad boy sex appeal of Randy Orton, we just can't get enough.

Who is the hottest wrestler ever? Vote for your favorite now!