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10 Hotel Hacks To Make Your Vacation (After The Pandemic) Even Better

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With the pandemic still underway, a lot of people are getting antsy to travel. Though some may not feel safe just yet, a lot of people are already looking into booking flights and hotels. We've rounded up the best hotel hacks from the internet to make your post-pandemic vacation the best it can possibly be, whenever that may be.

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    Book Through The Hotel

    From Redditor /u/AdequateSteve

    Book through the hotel directly. Don't use Priceline, hotels.com, Orbitz, or any of those things.

    Why? Better service and free upgrades. It may cost you an extra 10-15 bucks to book with them directly, but they KNOW you're paying full price.

    There's a thread in r/askreddit about hotel concierge services. Pretty much everyone in the industry said the same thing: if you're paying full price, we'll upgrade your room for free, give you other random perks, and if you call the concierge - They'll drive across town and pick up dinner for you if you want.

    I've booked hotels both ways before and I can testify to this with certainty.

    If you're getting the hotel room simply to have a bed, great, book with a discount service. If you want to enjoy your stay and be treated well, pay full price.

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    Cancelling Reservations

    From Redditor /u/Peacockblue11

    If your plans change and you need to cancel your hotel reservation against the hotel's cancellation policy, don't call and cancel. I've tried to barter with hotels many times, but truthfully unless you have a good relationship with the hotel, they have no reason to refund you.

    Instead, call the hotel and move your reservation to next week. Even if it is against the cancellation policy, most hotels will allow you to alter a reservation without issue. Then (usually a few hours later to guarantee you talk to a different hotel rep) call and cancel your "new" reservation.

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    Cleaner Bedding

    From Redditor /u/7laserbears

    Most hotels don't wash their duvets after every guest. If you want to make sure your room is completely cleaned, request an allergen-free room. Housekeeping will have to do a separate load using a special soap, ensuring you get fresh bedding. I liken it to ordering french fries without salt at McDonald's to force them to make a new batch.

    As a housekeeping manager, I roll my eyes to requests like this because it's more work but I get it. I'm surprised the industry gets away with not washing duvets every time. It's gross really and even the fancy hotels do it.

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    The Perks Of Being Nice

    From Redditor /u/RecycleThisMessage

    If you'll be in the same hotel for four or five nights, be sure to leave a nice tip each morning for the maid who cleans your room. Nice extra things, like fluffy bathrobes, will start appearing. Don't wait until you are checking out to leave the tip.

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