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30 Hotel Secrets The Front Desk Doesn't Want You To Know

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It's fun to plan a vacation. Where will you go? What will you see? And most importantly: Where will you stay? Chances are you've stayed in numerous hotels or motels. Maybe even a bed and breakfast or a five-star hotel or resort. Regardless of how nice the place is (or isn't), chances are you've wondered, "Hmmm... what goes on behind the scenes here?" or "What hotel secrets are they not telling me this time?" You've definitely had second thoughts regarding exactly how clean the sheets are and anyone who's a fan of undercover reports knows that some hotels, or rather most hotels, are not as clean as you think.

This list of hospitality secrets covers some of the secrets you might have heard before, some you would never ever think of, and some hotel confessions from former employees that you will never ever forget. It might completely change the way you travel, including how you book your vacation and what you drink from the minibar.

The most important tip to take away from this: be nice to the hotel staff. That means everyone - front desk, concierge, bellhop, valet, and definitely the cleaning staff. You don’t want to experience some of the things they could do (or have done) to you. Also, a tip goes a long way!

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    Use That Plastic Bag Provided For The Ice Bucket

    Definitely make sure you use the plastic bag the hotel gives you for the ice bucket. When people can't get to the toilet they often reach for the ice bucket to vomit into. 

    Source: Hotel Online

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    Luxury Hotels Actually Clean The Sheets

    You might consider upgrading where you stay. A maid confessed that at the budget hotel she worked at they rarely changed the pillows and bedding after each checkout. But at the luxury hotel she later worked at they were much better about replacing everything after guests left. 


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    Hotels Overbook Themselves

    Hotels will make it a habit to overbook because the average daily no-show rate is 10%. So what happens if you show up and they can't offer you a room like they promised? You get "walked." This means that the hotel will pay for a room at another comparable hotel in the area.

    Source: Mental Floss

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    Don't Struggle With 'Key-Bombing'

    Hotel staff can "key-bomb" you if you make them mad. Have you ever gotten to your room and the key just does not work even after 15 attempts? Have you then had to return all the way downstairs to the front desk? Chances are you've been key-bombed. Ahhh, now it dawns on you that you might have been a bit rude during check-in.

    The staff will fix it once you've redeemed yourself.

    Source: New York Post

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