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"Hotel Transylvania" movie quotes give dialogue to a frighteningly fun adventures that take place when a human stumbles upon a hotel created specifically for monsters. The Sony Pictures Animation 3D comedy film directed by Genndy Tartakovsky features the voice talents of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James and many others.

In "Hotel Transylvania," Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler), seeks a refuge for monsters, especially his daughter Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez), where they will be safe from those loud and vicious humans so he builds Hotel Transylvania. Along with Mavis, Dracula lives there and welcomes in a variety of monster friends and family members including Murray the Mummy (voiced by Cee Lo Green), Uncle Frank (voiced by Kevin James), Frank's wife Eunice (voiced by Fran Drescher), Wayne the Werewolf (voiced by Steve Buscemi), Wayne's wife Wanda (voiced by Molly Shannon), Chef Quasimodo (voiced by Jon Lovitz) and many more.

Life at Hotel Transylvania is good for the most part until two things throw everything into question. Mavis, having turned the young adult age of 118, seeks to expand her horizons and leave the hotel for a visit to a human village while Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) a young human traveling alone, discovers Hotel Transylvania. Things get even worse when Mavis and Jonathan fall for one another, much to the displeasure of Dracula.

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Much like other animated 3D movies, "Hotel Transylvania" provides good clean laughs for all ages and is available as one of the kids movies on Netflix. For other movies, including some geared more towards adults, check out "End of Watch, "Dredd 3D," "Lawless," "Resident Evil: Retribution, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," "Trouble with the Curve, "The Master," "The Words," and "The Inbetweeners."
Just a Normal Hotel
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Dracula: "Welcome to Hotel Transylvania. It's a place I built for all those monsters hiding from the persecution of humankind, a place of relaxation and tranquility."
Jonathan: "Hello? What is this place?"
Dracula: "It's just a normal hotel, nothing going on here."

To the monsters at Hotel Transylvania, this place is just a normal hotel where one can go for rest and relaxation. Though having monsters at a hotel is a bit out of the ordinary, when a human visitor arrives, Dracula strives to convince him that everything is normal.
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We Have To Talk
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Mavis: "Dad, you said when I turned 118 I could go out in the world like every other adult that gets to come and go from this hotel. 'But Mavy Wavy, it's not safe, blah blah blah.' Dad, 30 years ago you promised. I remember we were both eating mice and you specifically said that you gave me your word.
Dracula: "Good morning, Mavy wavy. Happy birthday, my little mouse"
Mavis: "Dad, I know it's my birthday."
Dracula: "I have so much fun planned! Woo hoo! But first we go catch some scorpions together, just the two of us. Yes?"
Mavis: "Dad, just let me speak. There's something we have to talk about."
Dracula: "You want to go out in the world, you can."
Mavis: "I knew you were going to say that. You know that I know that a Dracula's word is sacred, that trust is the core of our... Wait, what?"
Dracula: "I said you can go."
Mavis: "You're just playing with me."
Dracula: "No, no, no, you're old enough to drive a hearse now, you're old enough to make your own choices. You can go."
Mavis: "Holy rabies! Holy rabies!"

Expecting her father to go back on his word about allowing her out of the hotel after her 118th birthday, Mavis prepares her argument in advance. She however is pleasantly surprised when he agrees to let her leave as promised.
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Monster Friends
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Dracula: "Ever since she was born I've wanted to protect my little ghoul so I created a place where all monsters could be safe, from them! This is Hotel Transylvania. All of our monster friends are right here, the Mummy, Wayne the Wolf and your Uncle Frank's dropping in too."

Dracula explains how he created Hotel Transylvania to make sure his precious daughter Mavis was able to have a safe and lasting life. And since her leaving the hotel is dangerous, he invites all of their monster friends and relatives to visit so she has no reason to leave.
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Vicious and Very Loud
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Mavis: "Hey guys"
Frank: "You excited about tomorrow?"
Mavis: "Not as excited as I am right now. You're not going to believe this but dad is letting me go out on my own to see a human village."
Everyone: "What?"
Eunice: "Excuse me, Drac, have you lost it? Letting your daughter out there with those horrible humans you always tell us about? That's why you built this place. They hate us. They're vicious and they're very loud!"

When Mavis tells the others about her permission to leave the hotel the reaction is not positive, especially from Eunice, wife to Uncle Frank, who reminds Dracula why he built Hotel Transylvania in the first place.
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