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Hotel Worker On Reddit Reveals That Time They Helped A Brave Customer Catch Her Cheating Husband

January 12, 2021 75.2k views7 items

Hotel workers have to deal with a lot of people, but what happens when one person has a weird request? Pretty soon, the request keeps unfolding... unraveling until there's only one thing left: THE TRUTH.

In this Reddit post, Redditor u/__Blaizia__ shared a story of a mysterious woman and her odd request at a hotel front desk. 

This story was edited due to length. Please click here to read the full story.

  • It All Started When A Mysterious Woman Asked A Hotel Worker To Reserve A Room For A Few Hours

    "I'd been working as a front desk agent for about a week. It's my first time working at a hotel, so I'm still learning the ropes…It's about 7 pm when this lady (We'll call her... Libbie) comes in and, after talking things out at the valet, makes her way over to me. We exchange greetings, and she tells me she would like to reserve a room but 'only for a couple of hours'. Obviously, we're not a motel, so I let her know the minimum of time she could reserve a room for would be a full night. After asking what the price would be… she agrees and hands me her credit card."

  • The Woman Gets Very Serious And Says She Wants Only This Specific Man's Name Attached To The Room... Not Hers Anywhere

    "This is where things get... weird. As soon as I ask her for I.D. to make the reservation, Libbie backtracks and says that she doesn't want her name anywhere on the reservation and would like to make it under the name of the guy who would be joining her later, instead. I pause for a moment, and after asking her again if she was planning on using the room as well, I tell her that I at least need to put her name into the accompanying list for the room. I reassure her that only the employees would be able to see said list and that no, the guy she was planning to meet wouldn't see it.

    I would like to make it very clear that throughout this whole interaction Libbie has been super composed, kind, and understanding. At this point, however, I'm just thinking she's here for a one night stand and doesn't want the dude to know anything about her because she's probably married or something. Which, I can work with sure, but why not just actually get a motel lady??"

  • The Woman Then Asks To Be Addressed By A Fake Name If Anyone Asks

    "This theory of mine is further solidified when Libbie asks me to make a note in the reservation so that, if any point we need to address her by name around the dude, we wouldn't call her by her real name and instead, she gives me a fake name (or so I thought) to address her by. At this point, I'm obvs bewildered but still trying to be accommodating and trying really hard not to let it show how much I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on lmao. We go through the rest of the check-in process and she even goes as far as showing me a pic of the dude so I'll know who he is when he comes in. I hand her the key, and she heads to her room."

  • The Woman Goes To The Room, And The Man Arrives At The Front Desk

    "About an hour later, mystery dude walks in (lets call him Jake). My coworker (who has no clue of anything) ends up checking him in, so I don't really get to see much of Jake. To be honest at this point I still wasn't giving the whole thing much thought other than 'that's a bit weird lol.'"