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20 Hotel Employees Share Their Most Ridiculous Stories About Entitled Guests

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Hotel workers are taking to Reddit to share their stories about the special people who make life for the front desk folks much harder than it needs to be. From screaming about hot water being too hot to not understanding how doorknobs work, these guests need a master class in good manners. Here are a few of the top stories. 

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    Tow Foe

    Posted by Redditor u/TacoLake:

    Across the street from our hotel, there is a set of retail stores that advertises free parking. But, it's usually only during daylight hours and predatory towing in this town is brutal. We charge $15/nt for parking in our secure parkade in the basement. Usually if guests complain, we can just comp it on the spot. As I'm performing a late check in (1 AM), the guests ask about the parking. Since they were being snobby, I decided in my mind that I will not give them comp parking.

    G: $15 a night! What a rip off.

    M: Actually this price is very reasonable for this ski town. The two major hotels charge $35 a night.

    G: We will just park across the street then.

    M: I will warn you that it's free for 2 hours only during the day. I'll just warn you now that predatory towing is in full effect here and your car may get towed.

    G: I'll risk it.

    Literally 2 hours after they parked and had gone to their room, I see Mr. Tow Truck man enter the parkade across the street. Another titbit - in winter we literally serve popcorn in the lobby as we are a family hotel in a ski town.

    Not wanting to miss what is about to happen, I grab myself some popcorn and wait for the tow truck driver to emerge with the guests vehicle. Not even 5 mins after he entered the parkade, Mr. Tow Truck has the guests car hitched up and driving away. I chuckle to myself, nearly choking on popcorn.

    It's now 7am, 1 hr before I can go when I see the guest walk through the lobby. I say the most high pitch, overcompensated 'GOOD MORNING' while the guest proceeds to cross the street to get to their vehicle. He was huffing and puffing when he came back.

    G: They towed my car!

    M: I did warn you sir.

    G: No you didn't! I'm taking this to management and they can pay for it.

    M: Go ahead.

    When I come in the next night, I see an e-mail about this guest and his vehicle. The MOD sided with me, didn't even review the video of the check-in to prove that I did warn them. A**hat guest now has to pay $300 to get their car out.

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    Leave Me Alone

    Posted by Redditor u/TacoLake:

    Guest: I'm a world traveller and I'm letting you know that the cleanliness in the room is not up to par.

    Manager: Sorry we couldn't meet your expectations. Are you able to tell me what you had issues with so I can log them?

    G: There were leaves on my balcony!

    M: It is windy this time of year and a lot of trees are very close to the balconies.

    G: It's not good enough.

    M: Do you expect us to send a housekeeper up to clean a few leaves off your outdoor balcony every few hours?

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    Room Disservice

    Posted by Redditor u/welcometonopeville:

    When I started working alone (you were with someone more experienced when you start, to learn how to do stuff), I had to knock to see if the customers were gone. Mostly, they were gone, or preparing. I knocked at this door, and a naked man answered at the door. Not the exibitionnist way, but the "unaware-that-nothing-is-on" way. He asked several questions about check out and the area. It was hard not to see down here and keep my "customer service" mindset. It reeked of alcohol and mari, so much I sprayed a lot of Febreeze when he closed the door (emptied half the can I think). Later, when he was gone, the room was completely trashed: beer poured on the bed (had to change EVERYTHING, which sucks), cigarettes butts everywere, even in the lamps, and the tip he left (I don't know if it was a tip or he simply forgot) was scattered all over the ground. Took me 1hour and 30 minutes to clean up and restore the room.

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    'You Work For Me'

    Posted by Redditor u/jaycation0:

    I work at a bigger hotel in a downtown convention state. Due to us being downtown, we get a lot of calls confusing us with another hotel.

    I'm FDA(front desk associate) and they are DG(dumb guest).

    So one day we get this guest who REALLY wanted a folio. Here's how it went:

    FDA- thank you for calling *HOTEL*how may I assist?

    DG-yes, i'm looking for a receipt

    FDA-okay, will you please provide me your name?

    DG- Dumb Guest

    FDA-i'm not finding anything in our system could it be under a different name?

    DG - no...i stay there all the time, this is ridiculous...

    FDA - i understand your frustration, however without another name i will be unable to assist you.

    DG - you don't understand that i'm *SNOWFLAKE REWARD MEMBER* and you basically work for me, so fix this.

    FDA - actually, i don't work for you. i work for *HOTEL NAME*


    Turns out the guest was staying at the property across the street, but will never know since they hung up.