20 Hotel Employees Share Their Most Ridiculous Stories About Entitled Guests

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Hotel workers are taking to Reddit to share their stories about the special people who make life for the front desk folks much harder than it needs to be. From screaming about hot water being too hot to not understanding how doorknobs work, these guests need a master class in good manners. Here are a few of the top stories. 

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    A Mighty Wind

    Posted by Redditor u/iluvquestion:

    I once had a guest show up at 6 a.m. to yell at me because the wind was blowing too loudly outside her room all night (but she never called down to request a different room) and how it was my fault and she was going to file a complaint with the airline about the hotel. Also the rain was pounding against her window (because it was a storm).

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    Phone Drama

    Posted by Redditor u/irishwonder:

    10 year hotel vet, long time lurker in this sub, first time to post. I hear it's therapeutic... let's find out.

    The other night I had a guest come down to the lobby and sit and begin to listen to music on her phone. She didn't have headphones in and the music was very loud with explicit lyrics, but it was 11 at night and fairly slow and I didn't want to give her trouble so I let it go on for about 10 minutes.

    Eventually the lounge closed and 3-4 stragglers came walking through the lobby back to their rooms. A few glanced between me and her with a strange look, I just raised my eyebrows to them in acknowledgement, but at this point it still didn't seem like a huge problem and it wasn't bothering me. Minutes later one of my last arrivals comes in. It's an older lady with the air of someone who's definitely going to leave a review with nothing but complaints, and right off the bat the music from the phone gets ridiculously explicit. I'm hurrying to check this woman in as fast as possible while she's constantly evil eyeing the lady on the couch and shaking her head in disappointment at me. I get her checked in and she leaves for the room, and at this point I realize I have to do something, so I politely address the lady on the couch.

    "Ma'am, I'm sorry but the sound on the phone will have to be off while you're in the lobby." She shrugged, got up, and walked to her room. That actually went well, right?

    Cut to the next night. I had ran to the kitchen for about 5 minutes to help the restaurant staff close a few things down for the night, and as I'm walking back to the desk I notice the same lady sitting on the couch, and in a chair next to her is a guy about her age. They both appear to be in their mid-20's, way too old for childish behavior, but I immediately knew that's what I was about to get. As I say hi to them, I notice the girl look at the guy and nod. He nods in return. It was obviously an attempt at clandestinely saying, "Yep, that's the guy."

    Oh good, what's this gonna be. I get behind the desk and brace for what these two are about to try to do. The guy asks the girl something along the line of, "Hey, have you heard such and such song?" He's saying it loud enough for me to hear, in a tone that is so obviously planned and staged. He then says he'll play it for her, and immediately starts blasting some weird song from a genre of music I can only describe as hardcore circus-themed EDM and every other word is f**k, s**t, or a**.

    I'm not going to let this get to the point it did the night before, so I immediately and politely tell the guy the sound has to be off. He replies with, "I'm not going to turn it off but I'll turn it down some." I shut him down and say that no, it needs to be off. He obliges, then begins having a conversation with the girl that is, again, aimed at me. They're basically throwing backhanded insults my way just loud enough for me to hear and acting like they're having a private conversation. At one point the woman actually calls her mom on her cellphone and begins to tell her how badly the hotel is mistreating her. Whatever, I'm not easily offended and I've seen my fair share of a**holes.

    Eventually someone coming from the lounge passes through the lobby while talking to someone on his cellphone. The lady yells at him and tells him he is being too loud on his phone and is going to get kicked out. That was enough for me... now you're messing with business, you've got to go. I tell them both they are going to need to go to their rooms for the night. They ignore me and act like they didn't hear, so I picked up the phone and pretended to dial security. Security doesn't actually have a phone, they have a radio, but I was hoping the bluff alone would work. It did, and they both got up quickly and scurried off to their room.

    I got a call from my GM the next day asking me what had happened with these guests. He said that the girl's mom drove to the hotel and demanded to see a manager and screamed for 15 minutes at how rude I had been. I told my GM what had happened and we shared a laugh. He told me if I had any more issues to just go straight to the cops and have them escorted off the property.

    Then came night three. The lady came back down to the lobby holding hands with another girl. They both made sure to hold their hands up so that I could see it and shoot me a passive-aggressive grin. I currently live up north, but I'm from the south and have a thick accent that most people immediately pick up on. I honestly believed that they were trying to bait me into saying or doing something homophobic, assuming that I must be a stereotypical hardcore southern Christian gay-hatin' klansman or something. They stood at our local brochure cabinet and "browsed" while talking under their breath. Not loud enough for me to hear, but I'm sure it was aimed at me. A few minutes later the guy joins them and the conversation becomes loud enough for me to hear, and it's definitely more insults thrown my way.

    At this point I decided it was enough. I told them they were going to need to return to their rooms or I would have security escort them off the premises. They demanded to know why, and I told them the truth as best as I could put it.

    "Because none of you have emotionally matured past middle school and I won't sit here and be disrespected for a second night because you fail to understand why we can't have curse words blaring in a place of business."

    The girl said something along the lines of, "Did you not learn your lesson today? I guess I'll have to call my mom again."

    I told her to go ahead, her mom could be escorted off the property as well, and they stormed off to their room.

    Got a call from my GM the next day. Mommy had been back. He had promptly ended their reservation a day early. I love my GM.

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    Room Disservice

    Posted by Redditor u/welcometonopeville:

    When I started working alone (you were with someone more experienced when you start, to learn how to do stuff), I had to knock to see if the customers were gone. Mostly, they were gone, or preparing. I knocked at this door, and a naked man answered at the door. Not the exibitionnist way, but the "unaware-that-nothing-is-on" way. He asked several questions about check out and the area. It was hard not to see down here and keep my "customer service" mindset. It reeked of alcohol and mari, so much I sprayed a lot of Febreeze when he closed the door (emptied half the can I think). Later, when he was gone, the room was completely trashed: beer poured on the bed (had to change EVERYTHING, which sucks), cigarettes butts everywere, even in the lamps, and the tip he left (I don't know if it was a tip or he simply forgot) was scattered all over the ground. Took me 1hour and 30 minutes to clean up and restore the room.

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    Lock & Key

    Posted by Redditor u/TacoLake:

    We have a keycard system and the cards are very sensitive to magnets and phone. We have to repeat this at check in, as we seem to be forever re-cutting cards.

    A couple checks in with me at 11pm. They look tired and grumpy. I was being very polite with them. 10 mins later, the guy storms back down and says the keys aren't working. Not a problem, looks like the Front Desk Agent cut the keys incorrectly. I send him on his way. 5 mins later, he throws the cards at my face, saying they don't work.

    I check them and they seem fine. So I offer to go up to the room and try myself. It works. 15 mins after this, he comes back and is now screaming at my face. A bit of saliva hits me on the cheek. I keep my cool, check the cards again. They are both fine. I follow him up to the room again. The guy was swiping them wrong. On his third attempt, he gets into his room successfully. That's it. No apology, no nothing. I'm just standing in the hallway in amazement.

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    Refusing Service

    Posted by Redditor u/SpookyWhispering:

    Whenever a really expensive car pulled up I would roll my eyes and steel myself because, yeah we weren't a rat hole but we weren't a five star hotel either, it was an old building, it had a fresh coat of paint and new mattresses but it had old building issues, which almost always turned into complaints from people who's car cost more than I made in a year.

    The well dressed man who exited this sleek black purring sports car made it in right before the 11pm door lock and it was taking me a moment to pull up his super elite blah blah reservation because he'd just made it in the car before walking in. He looked at the business cards on the counter and picked one up a sneer forming on his lips as he read the name of our owner. He shall be RR for rich racist.

    RR: Oh, you're owned by Indians? Horrible lot of people aren't they? Always dirty and letting things run to sh*t. I suppose in a comparison to the condition they grew up in the worst sh*t hole here is a paradise, yeah?

    Me mouth open gaping in horror, trying to process what I just heard. "Eh-excuse me?"

    RR: I mean it's true isn't it? Everything is always sticky and smells in these Indian ran hotels. I'll be surprised if I don't find bugs. I normally wouldn't even stay here but the next __________ hotel is over an hour away.

    Me: "Sir... " long pause as my hands and voice where starting to shake "You won't be staying here. Please leave the property right now."

    RR: What?! You can't do that! I have a reservation and I'm am Elite Jerk Member!

    Me: I have cancelled your reservation, Elite Jerk means you won't be charged a fee. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Get. Off. My. Property. Now.

    RR: I want to speak to your manager! Call them right now!

    Me: After 10pm I am the manager. I could call my Owner, The Indian and tell him what you've said. Would you like that? To tell him what you think of him and ask him to do you a favor??

    I could see this sinking into his face but then it snapped back into entitled rage.

    RR: I'm going to call the _______ Hotel customer service! They'll hear about this!

    Me: Oh yes, they will. I'm going to call them right now myself, right after you get off my property, or I'm calling the police first.

    I pick up the cordless phone with rage tears brimming in my eyes (I hate that I cry when I'm angry) "Get out Get out Get out!" as if it was some kind of magic spell. And it worked, he left in a huff and squealing tires and I called our rewards program to preempt his incoming complaint. Then I texted the owner with just "Got some stuff to talk to you about when you wake up, nothing important." I was jittery and shaking from adrenaline for awhile. This was one of my moments that I'm really proud of myself for doing the right thing. 

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    'You Work For Me'

    Posted by Redditor u/jaycation0:

    I work at a bigger hotel in a downtown convention state. Due to us being downtown, we get a lot of calls confusing us with another hotel.

    I'm FDA(front desk associate) and they are DG(dumb guest).

    So one day we get this guest who REALLY wanted a folio. Here's how it went:

    FDA- thank you for calling *HOTEL*how may I assist?

    DG-yes, i'm looking for a receipt

    FDA-okay, will you please provide me your name?

    DG- Dumb Guest

    FDA-i'm not finding anything in our system could it be under a different name?

    DG - no...i stay there all the time, this is ridiculous...

    FDA - i understand your frustration, however without another name i will be unable to assist you.

    DG - you don't understand that i'm *SNOWFLAKE REWARD MEMBER* and you basically work for me, so fix this.

    FDA - actually, i don't work for you. i work for *HOTEL NAME*


    Turns out the guest was staying at the property across the street, but will never know since they hung up.

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