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These Amy Schumer pics were taken from a variety of different sources, including photoshoots for promotional purposes and magazines, and have been turned into a curated image gallery containing only the best pictures from around the Web. That's the long way of saying that these are hot pics of Amy Schumer, or whatever. Fans will also enjoy these TMI facts about Amy's sex life and Amy Schumer quotes that are surprisingly good advice. Amy Schumer is one of the best new-ish comics on the scene. That's right, "the scene." Her deadpan brand of observational humor has made her a hit with blah blah blah comedy nerds blah bleep blorp. Schumer got her big break when she appeared on the competition show Last Comic Standing. Since then, she's earned the respect of her peers (I guess; I'm not really her peer) and fans (I am that) with appearances on shows like Girls, 30 Rock, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Schumer also has her own sketch show, the acclaimed Inside Amy Schumer.

Can you guess Amy Schumer's bra and breast size and measurements from these pics? If you can you're a weird Rain Man genius, but we'd still like you to try because we think it's a fun game. While there are many sexy Amy Schumer pictures, these are the hottest around (that sentence was a way to kill time for you to guess her bra size).  So, in honor of one of the greatest-up-and-coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Amy Schumer pictures ranked by hotness. (Here is your last chance to GUESS! THAT! BRA SIZE!) Amy Schumer's measurements and bra size are 38-28-39 inches (97-71-99 cm) and 36B. (DID YOU DO IT!?!?!?)

People are always looking for pics of Amy Schumer nude, and while these may not be pics of Amy Schumer naked (GOT YA!) there are some tasteful Amy Schumer topless pics including the one she tweeted out to some jerk that was harassing her. These Amy Schumer hot pics are the next best thing to full nudes, especially if you've given up on life and decided you're just gonna stay in your parents' basement forever. There are even some Amy Schumer legs pics. That's right. Legs pics, baby!

In December 2016 it was announced that Amy Schumer was being cast for the new Barbie live action movie. People have been quick to criticize her for being too fat, but she certainly looks good in the photos below.

Amy Schumer's latest stand-up comedy performance, The Leather Special, can now be streamed on Netflix.  

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Amy Schumer Left Her Notes at Home

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Picture The Audience Naked... Or... Wait...

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Amy Schumer on GQ

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Amy Schumer In Bed

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