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The 20 Hottest Anime Villains of All Time

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An anime character doesn't have to be a good person to be sexy. In fact, some of the most attractive anime characters are villains. Whether it's because of their confidence, their alluringly vicious personalities, or their beautiful faces and well-sculpted bodies, these bad guys are just plain hot. 

Who are the hottest anime villains? That depends on your personal preference. If you like delicate but sadistic men, Ryunosuke Akutagawa of Bungo Stray Dogs might appeal to your senses. If you like scantily clad fallen angels, you might be drawn to Raynare from High School DXD

One person's sexy is another person's "meh" so let the world know which villain most appeals to your aesthetic.

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    Esdeath - Akame ga Kill

    Photo: White Fox

    If you got through this anime without wanting Esdeath to step on your face, congratulations, you're a stronger person than most. Esdeath may be sadistic, but it's hard to watch her torturing others and not be oddly captivated.

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    Raynare - High School DXD

    Photo: TNK

    Raynare is a fallen angel who uses her beauty and her charm to lure people into a false sense of security - then she reveals her evil nature. Her true self is way sexier than her angelic front.

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    Freya - Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

    Photo: J.C.Staff

    Considering that she's a literal goddess of beauty, Freya can't help but earn a spot on this list. She's able to charm just about anyone with her incredible beauty - including viewers.

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    Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist

    This homunculus is literally named for the emotion that she inspires in just about everyone she meets. With power like hers, the first time you see her may be your last, but hey, it's totally worth it.

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