The Hottest "Before"s In Teen Movies

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This list brings attention to an oft-maligned character trope from the realm of teen movies: the "before." In many a movie made for adolescents, the lead female character, often quirky and unique looking, is made over into who she is on the outside: a 21-year-old playing 16. But what about the hottest befores in teen movies, the girls who needed a makeover like LeBron needs a basketball lesson, which is to say, not at all. Right off the bat, one can think of teen movie actresses who were hot before the makeover.

Mia Thermopolis' big bushy mane and eyebrows are the envy of adult Millennials everywhere, and Tai Frasier's tomboy looks deserve the love Cher never gave them. The "lucky" ladies below are those hot teen movie actresses who required no makeover to be a teen queen. They may all star in teen movies for girls, but their cute before selves would have set a better example for young girls everywhere.