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The Hottest Celebrity Lumbersexuals

Updated February 21, 2020 123.6k views20 items

First, there was the metrosexual. Then, the ubersexual. And now? The lumbersexual: a burly breed of man that is more into looking like a rugged outdoorsman than a cover model. Think flannel, well-oiled hiking boots, and the best smart phone nature apps that money can buy. Sort of like if a hipster, a lumberjack, and a bear had a baby. A beard, though not technically required, helps complete the look. This list of celebrity lumbersexuals rounds up the best examples of woodsy hotness.

These manly, yet meticulously groomed famous men have achieved the perfect balance of robust and refined. And their outdoorsy style and pocket full of high-end pocket knives keeps them ready for whatever life brings them, whether it’s a weeklong hiking trip through the rough wilderness or a flash sale at REI.