Total Nerd The Hottest Female DC Characters  

Whitney S Moore
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Which female DC characters are the sexiest? Through the years, there's been a variety of spandex-clad, muscle-bound, and extra-terrestrial babes to save the world in the DC universe, and it's up to you to decide who is the hottest. These superhero babes can definitely kick your ass, but they'll also break your heart with their super good looks.

Are DCU's lady-heroes sexier, or do the villainous vixens of Gotham take the crown for the hottest? Is Poison Ivy hotter than Catwoman? Who would win in a babe-off: Supergirl or Wonder Woman? What makes a DC gal hot, anyway? Is it the super strength, the attitude, the bodacious curves, the costume? Rank your favorite female DC characters, and if you think there are any sexy superbabes worthy of the list, add your own, and see how well stacked (hah) they are!