Total Nerd The Hottest Female Marvel Characters  

Whitney S Moore
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List Rules This list about the hottest and sexiest Marvel characters.

Okay, so it's a given that no matter what, female characters in comics are probably going to be hot. Specifically though, which Marvel female tops the rest? This is a list of the top fifty out of a countless amount of Marvel babes, and boy, is it hard to choose – especially since they all have nearly the same measurements, and they were drawn by the same artists. But lo! Feel free to add your own in case you see a sexy Marvel hero that hasn't been represented. 

Which Marvel character is the hottest? Does Black Cat's furry suit strike your fancy, or are you more of a Jean Grey type? Some of these characters are way lesser known (have any of you actually read anything featuring DreamQueen or Bling?), but they all have the spandex-clad T&A to qualify as the hottest female characters. This isn't a list about ability, or coolest powers, or strongest written characters – vote on which Marvel lady is the hottest. Feel free to add any you think we missed and vote on your favorites!