The Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters of All Time

These female sports reporters cover everything from pro sports like NFL football, NBA basketball, and major league baseball to college games. Many of the women on this list got their start on the sidelines in college. Their great knowledge of sports helped them soar in the business and today. From Fox to ESPN, these female sports hosts grace our televisions often, helping us better understand the games. From Erin Andrews and Jenn Brown to Jennifer Hale, this list includes some of the most talented female reporters in sports. Be sure to vote for your favorite sports reporter.

Being a female sports reporter is no doubt challenging at times. Many of these women work in male-dominated sports, including football and yes, even NASCAR. Nevertheless, they've managed to excel in the field by using their brains and sure they are sexy too. But these ladies are some of the best sports reports in the industry, not just the hottest or the sexiest. Whether they're reporting from the sidelines or in-studio, these female sports correspondents know what they are talking about!

This list includes ESPN female anchors (ESPN women anchors) NFL network anchors, and ESPN Sportscenter female personalities.