The Hottest Fictional Characters in Glasses

From television to comic books to film, there are some fictional characters that are... well, they're just hot. Whether they're (in the case of cartoons and comics) drawn that way, voiced a certain way, or well-dressed, they've just got that special something. Sometimes, it's their endearing geekiness and cute glasses that makes them so attractive. The characters on this list all wear glasses, and look hot doing it. But which are the hottest fictional characters who wear glasses?

Many men have teacher and librarian fetishes, and the glasses are no small part of the whole ensemble. From characters such as Miranda Priestly, Jess from "New Girl," and Sloan Sabbath of "The Newsroom," these four-eyed fictional characters are all downright sexy.

Vote up the hottest fictional characters in glasses below and see where the bespectacled beauties you think are the most gorgeous rank.