The Most Beautiful First Daughters in American History, Ranked

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Only first daughters post 19th century; girls must be over 18 (sorry, Malia)

The spotlight is never off for the president's daughter, so these girls must always look their best for the cameras, fans, and the people of the nation. While some are just average-looking American girls, there are a few pretty women who clearly stand out as the most beautiful first daughters in US history.

Before she became the first daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump walked fashion runways and modeled for Versace. In 2007, the sexy Assistant to the President placed Number 83 in the 2007 Maxim Hot 100. Other hot first daughters include Trump's second daughter Tiffany Trump, Bill Clinton's daughter Chelsea Clinton, and George W. Bush's daughter Jenna Bush. Don't forget about the first daughters from the early 20th century like Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice Lee Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson's three daughters Margaret, Jessie, and Eleanor. 

Who is the sexiest first daughter? Vote for who you think are the hottest first daughters in American history of the 1900s to now. Remember to vote for the President's daughters you think are the most attractive during their prime or peak beauty.