Female Tennis Players That Put Love On Your Mind

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Only the best looking female professional tennis players ever

The hottest girls in tennis include some of the best players in the game today and some of the sexiest tennis players to have ever played the game. These babes show off their goods and their tennis skill in tournaments around the globe and look gorgeous doing it.

Depending on who you ask, Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are arguably two of the sexiest tennis players in the world today. Both are Russian and have dominated women's tennis in the WTA for many years. Both are also blonde, beautiful and sought after by men everywhere.

But those fine ladies are not the only ones to make a tennis skirt look drool-worthy. The likes of Ana Ivanovic, Elena Dementieva, Carolina Wozniacki and others are right up there as the sexy female tennis players of the world.

Like other sexy female athletes, these women all make a living looking good through photo shoots and brand endorsements as well as by staying in shape and atop their game playing tennis. These sexy female tennis players are the envy of women all over, including other athletes as a strong argument can be made that tennis is the female sport with the hottest athletes.

There are thousands of hot female tennis players but this list only includes the cream of the crop. See a hot girl of tennis that we missed? Add her below and tell us which hotties of the tennis world are the sexiest by voting for your favorites. You want to see these hot tennis pics? These super sexy tennis pics? Yeah you do. ...Yeah you do, pal. 

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    Gisela Dulko

    Gisela Dulko
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    Gisela Dulko, an Argentine sensation, ruled the doubles circuit with her remarkable finesse and exceptional net play. Throughout her career, she forged formidable partnerships with various players, grabbing numerous prestigious titles and consistently maintaining a top-ranking position in the doubles category. Indeed, Dulko gifted tennis fans with unforgettable moments of pure brilliance on the court, solidifying her status as one of the most outstanding and influential female tennis players of all time.

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    Ana Ivanovic
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    Serbia's very own Ana Ivanovic dazzled the tennis world with her powerful groundstrokes and unparalleled athleticism. A former world No. 1, Ivanovic's captivating style of play, coupled with her innate ability to dominate the court, firmly established her as a force to be reckoned with in professional tennis. Her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to the sport have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the history of women's tennis.

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    Maria Kirilenko
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    Hailing from Russia, Maria Kirilenko captured the hearts of tennis enthusiasts with her graceful movement and sublime shot-making skills. Known for her exceptional agility and remarkable court sense, she consistently delivered captivating performances that showcased her versatile prowess. Even though Kirilenko has retired, her mesmerizing gameplay and remarkable contributions to the sport continue to resonate in the memories of awed fans.

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    Vojislava Lukic

    Vojislava Lukic
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    Serbian talent Vojislava Lukic burst onto the tennis scene with her fierce competitiveness and tenacious determination. Her ability to cover the court with incredible speed and her relentless pursuit of every point made her a thrilling player to watch. As one of the most promising talents from the Balkan region, Lukic left an indelible impression on the sport through her unwavering commitment and passion.

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    Anna Kournikova, a Russian-born prodigy, enthralled the tennis world with her extraordinary talent and exceptional on-court presence. Known for her aggressive baseline play and remarkable athleticism, Kournikova consistently engaged fans with her captivating performances. Though she never captured a singles title, she remains one of the most iconic and influential female tennis players in history.

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    Maria Sharapova
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    Hailing from Russia, Maria Sharapova earned her place among the all-time greats with her steely determination and relentless competitive spirit. Her powerful groundstrokes, aggressive court coverage, and exceptional mental fortitude left opponents — and spectators — in awe. As a former world No.1 and a multiple Grand Slam winner, Sharapova's lasting impact on the sport stands as a testament to her extraordinary skill.

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