The Hottest Guys in K-pop

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Hot K-pop men only.

K-pop fans, it's time to vote for the hottest guys in Kpop! Featuring the best looking Kpop idols, cutest maknaes, and the sexiest men in Kpop, this list includes guys  who have shirtless pics floating around and K-pop stars who have performed shirtless onstage. Which Kpop idols have the best bodies? Which male idols have the best visuals? Who is the hottest guy in K-pop?

This list of hot Kpop guys includes Kai of Exo, Jungkook of BTS, your favorite Big Bang members, and even the Produce 101 Season 2 boys (vote for your favorite Wanna One members here). 

Vote for who you think are the hottest male K-pop idols.