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The Hottest Hot Dogs on All of the Internet

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Hot dogs. Some people love 'em, some people think they are gross meat tubes full of strange animal parts. People in Chicago are all about putting weird stuff on them, and some people call them "franks." No matter how you feel about this particular BBQ staple, and no matter what you choose to call them, the hot dog pictures below are the hottest and most food porn-worthy on all the Internet.

Hot dogs are cooked sausages, usually boiled on your stove or grilled by your dad while he wears tall socks with shorts and sandals, a quintessential dad fashion. You probably eat them in a hot dog bun with some mustard, ketchup, or even a little relish and some onions. Maybe you throw some sauerkraut or even a little chili on top. I don't know your life. These days, everyone and their mother is putting bacon on them, too.

But what are hot dogs made of? It's a real mystery. They started out in Germany (a place that really knows their sausage) and, once popularized in the United states, who knows what happened. They're supposedly mostly made of pork and beef (although you can get turkey dogs just about anywhere), but also include delicious ingredients like "meat trimmings and fat" and "preservatives." Mmmmmm. Delectable! 

Whether you enjoy a hot dog at a baseball game, from a hot dog stand or street vendor, on the grill at a summer barbecue, or just think they make a cheap and easy dinner for one, the hottest hot dog porn below will probably make your mouth water. Go find yourself a weenie, and be sure to vote up the hot hot dog babes that look tastiest to you!