The Hottest Latin Men Of 2023



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It’s a new year, which means time for another ranking of the hottest Latin men in the business. Whether you are rooting for dancers, singers, actors, influencers, or athletes, you should find all of your favorites below. Tenoch Huerta and Pedro Pascal certainly come to mind - but who do you find to be most attractive?

You’ll find popular musicians on this list, like Bad Bunny and Maluma. There are also plenty of actors, whether TV stars like Mark Consuelos of Riverdale and Adam Rodríguez of Criminal Minds: Evolution, or  film favorites, like Demián Bichir of The Hateful Eight. Some athletes you’ll see below include Tony Romo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Philippe Coutinho.

Check out the handsome Latin men below, and be sure to vote up your favorites. Then, check back to see if they topped our list!

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