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The Most Ridiculously Photogenic Mugshots Ever Taken

Updated 13 Oct 2018 165.2k votes 14.5k voters 565.8k views27 items

List RulesVote up the mugshots that would keep these criminals in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Convict.

The laws of attraction are officially on trial thanks to this criminal collection of the hottest mugshots ever. The people in these sexy mugshots are clearly hot beyond a reasonable doubt, and living proof that crime does pay if the angles are decent and lighting is right. These are the best and funny mugshots of attractive people that exist on the Internet, and we must work together to set their sexiness free. To dangle these fine-looking felons in our faces in the name of safety is most definitely a more grievous crime than any committed by these beauties.

Okay, now slowly put your hands behind your head and spread your legs apart, because we feel that's probably the safest way to experience this photo gallery of hot mugshots. Oh right, you can't use your mouse with your hands behind your head. Sorry about that.

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