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The hottest new celebrities of 2011 include actors and actresses who took Hollywood by storm, musicians whose songs everyone loved and couldn't get out of their minds and, of course, people who got famous in the tabloids (I'm looking at you, teen bride Courtney Stodden - and before you go getting all cocky, you also made 2011's People We Love to Hate List). This list includes celebs who managed to go from relative obscurity to stardom over the span of a few short months (and in some cases, virtually overnight). Be sure to vote for the hot new 2011 celebrities you find the most deserving, and vote down those you wish would go away already. If you know of a hot new celeb that isn't on this list, add them!

2011 was a great year for young new talent, with actresses like Shailene Woodley ('The Descendants'), Rooney Mara ('The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo') and Jennifer Lawrence ('X-Men: First Class,' the upcoming 'Hunger Games' movie) suddenly owning the red carpet. It also saw some actors who've been around for a while suddenly finding that they'd soared straight to the top of the so-called "A List." Among them? Melissa McCarthy (her turn in 'Bridesmaids' made her a household name), Michael Fassbender (no less than four major movies in 2011, including 'Shame,' 'A Dangerous Method,' 'X-Men: First Class' and 'Jane Eyre') and Kellan Lutz (the 'Twilight' star had a breakout year in both 'Breaking Dawn' and as Poseidon in 'Immortals').

Then, there's Thin Jonah Hill. It seems dropping a few pounds allowed Hill to easily rocket to the very top of the A List! He's always been a funny guy, but somehow losing the weight made him all serious - and even more talented. There's Oscar buzz for his performance in 'Moneyball,' people. As in, Academy Award. Jonah Hill.

Behold, the hottest new celebrities of 2011: Definitely an excellent year for showcasing awesome new talent to the world!

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