The Hottest NFL Players Of 2022

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Who's the best looking NFL player in 2022? It's time to settle the debate as we rank the hottest NFL players right now. Not including retired players or those in college, this list of the most attractive NFL players features cute faces, ripped bodies, and contagious smiles. Whether you're looking for sexy, handsome or just tall, these good looking football players give fans more reasons to watch the game (or stalk them on Instagram). 

Joe Burrow and Jimmy Garropolo are among the hottest NFL players. Patrick Mahomes and Odell Beckham Jr. are two Pro Bowlers who back up their style with great play on the field. Young NFL stars such as Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara have something to say about it also.

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  • Jimmy Garoppolo
    Photo: jimmypolo10 / instagram


    • Position: Quarterback
    • Teams: San Francisco 49ers
  • Saquon Barkley
    Photo: saquon / instagram


    • Position: Running back
    • Teams: New York Giants
  • Joe Burrow
    Photo: joeyb_9 / instagram


    • Position: Quarterback
    • Teams: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Jaire Alexander
    Photo: jairealexander / instagram


    • Position: Cornerback
    • Teams: Green Bay Packers