The Most Beautiful Royal Women Around the World

Who are the most stunning royal women? The beautiful ladies on this list include princesses and queens from all over the world. Each one is, without a doubt, worthy of inclusion on any attractive royals list. Some of them are the wives and daughters of the world's richest royals, too. The question is, who do you believe is the fairest of them of all? Vote for the royal stunners you love the most and vote down any you don't like.

Any list of beautiful royal women should absolutely include Rania al Abdullah. She's more commonly known as Queen Noor of Jordan, and she's anything but common. This woman is whip-smart and the perfect example of a royal role model. She's been the Queen of Jordan for decades, now, and she just keeps getting more gorgeous (and turning up on lists of the most beautiful women of all time).

And there is, of courses, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. From day one, Kate Middleton captured the hearts of everyone. She exudes class, beauty, and royalty. She also has great genes: Her sister, Pippa, is extremely easy on the eyes, too.

This international list of hot royal women proves that the world's hottest royal men have a wonderful pool of stunning female beauties to woo. It's not likely that you'll see any of the beautiful ladies listed here doing sexy poses on the cover of Maxim, but take a look at the photos and use your imagination.