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Rhune Kincaid
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Superhero movies are ripe for sexy scenes. They cast the best looking people in the world and squeeze them into tight-fitting and revealing costumes. It's a formula that practically prints money. However, the movies focus on action, are mostly rated PG-13, and thanks to their bloated budgets, have to appeal to wide audiences who may still suffer from an inexplicable aversion to the filming of female nipples.

Despite these conflicting objectives, filmmakers have managed to offer up plenty of sizzle and you'll find the best of it in this list of the sexiest scenes in superhero movies. There aren't too many overtly sexy comic book movies, but there are plenty of sexy scenes in comic book movies, so we're rounded them up here.

Vote up the hottest scenes from comic book and superhero movies below. Just remember, there's nothing kinky about grown adults slapping each other around in spandex costumes. 

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January Jones is stuck to a bed, but uses her diamond form to foil James McAvoy's Xavier. Nobody likes diamond form.

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Someone on this crew had the assignment of tying the most flattering knots for Scarlett Johansson's cleavage. They did a great job.

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January Jones could have telepathically executed all of her objectives in this scene, but instead she strips down and shows off the goods (in diamond form, no less).

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Double Lapdance from X-Men: Fi... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Sexiest Scenes in Comic Book Movies
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In a twist worthy of the Price Is Right trombone, this scene seems like it's about revealing Zoe Kravitz's naked body, but instead it's about revealing her mutant wings. It's a genre dominated by PG-13 movies, so you take what you can get.