The Hottest US Presidents, Ranked

Voting Rules
Leave your politics at the door and your pants on the floor. Vote based on raw physical appearance only, and how they looked as younger men.

Ladies and gentlemen: It's time to rank the hottest US Presidents of all time. The leader of the free world is a powerful man, and sure, power is attractive. But which of these guys would be sexy without the the ability to veto laws? This gallery will show you pictures of all of the POTUSes of the past, with photos when available and oil paintings when not. It also features each President in his prime, before the tolls of the job claimed his metabolism, youthful glow, and lustrous hair (unless he was one of the guys who always wore a powdered wig, in which case he looks old in all of his portraits). Who was the hottest American President? Vote up the ones who get your red white and blue blood flowing and your pantaloons in a twist.

While it may be difficult to separate personal politics from lusts of the flesh, try to be objective here. This list is only about raw physical appearance, not anyone's stance on abortion or the Tea Act of 1773. Consider that many of these brilliant and charming men were also athletes and military veterans. Actor-turned-politician Ronald Reagan was even nicknamed "The Gipper" after playing a strapping young football star in a 1940 film. At 42, JFK was famously the youngest man ever elected to the White House, but did you know that Theodore Roosevelt was 86 days younger when he assumed office following the assassination of William McKinley? Did you?? Also, 47-year-old Grover Cleveland - who was both the 22nd and 24th President - married a 21-year-old while in office, so make of that what you will.

Rutherford B. Hayes looked like he could break your heart. A colored photograph of Ulysses S. Grant shows him looking a little like Michael Fassbender. College-age Richard Nixon is a dead ringer for Harvey Keitel. On the other end of the spectrum are some pretty doughy old dudes who may not have ever made it if their faces had been plastered all over magazines and TV (cough Martin Van Buren). Vote and rerank to make a definitive list of all the US Presidents, ranked most handsome to fugliest.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY